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Ten Worst Disasters of the Last Century

1931 7 Flood China P Rep 3,700,000 dead
1928 2 Drought China P Rep 3,000,000 dead
1959 6 Flood China P Rep 2,000,000 dead
1942 3 Drought India 1,500,000 dead
1900 1 Drought India 1,250,000 dead
1921 1 Drought Soviet Union 1,200,000 dead
1920 3 Drought China P Rep 500,000 dead
1939 6 Flood China P Rep 500,000 dead
1965 73 Drought India 500,000 dead
1966 94 Drought India 500,000 dead

Source: CRED, Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of disasters

More Information

There is a wealth of information online where you can learn more about natural hazards and how to prevent them from turning into disasters.

We have produced a series of five fact sheets that you can download, containing key facts and lots of links to further information.
Tsunami Fact Sheet
Hurricane Fact Sheet
Wildfire Fact Sheet
Earthquake Fact Sheet
Flood Fact Sheet


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Lessons Save Lives!
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The Power of Knowledge
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An Inconvenient Truth
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Many experts and organisations participated in the contents and the making of the ISDR on line- game, The ISDR secretariat would like to thank particularly:

Ana Trehoan, expert on education.

Charles Kelly, Disaster Management Expert for the flood and hurricane scenario.

Johann G. Goldammer, from the Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC),
Fire Ecology Research Group, Freiburg University / United Nations University (UNU)Freiburg GERMANY for the wildfire scenario

Scott Kiser, and Dennis Feltgen, National Weather Service, Tropical Cyclone Program Leader for the hurricane scenario

Laura S. L. Kong, Director, UNESCO/IOC International Tsunami Information Centre, Honolulu, for the tsunami scenario

Melanie Ashby, from the Emergency Management Australia
for the wildfire scenario and the pilot testing

Terry Jeggle and many other ISDR colleagues for their constant help, support and useful remarks

Many organizations, which supported the initiative from the beginning such as:

M. Rimjhim from Southern Eastern Efforts Developing Sustainable Spaces, India
The International Federation of Red cross and Red Crescent Societies
Action Aid,
The United States Agency for International Development ,
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation,
The Center for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters,

Jacques Faye, from the French Ministry of Ecology and sustainable development

With thanks to the following people for the use of their photographs: Kevin Conners, Michelle Kwajafa, Carlos and Leah.

And last but not least Playerthree, in particular Pete Everett and David Streek

Teacher Resources

As a contribution to the building of training to support the communication of tsunami risk to the public, the IOC of UNESCO has developed the TsunamiTeacher Information and Resource Toolkit. The Toolkit brings together a wealth of new and existing information on tsunamis into a single, reliable, and verified global resource that is widely accessible to people, groups and governments around the world.

TsunamiTeacher aims to build awareness and capacity to respond and mitigate the impact of tsunamis through the sharing of knowledge, research, and best practices. Materials are available that can be adapted to develop locally relevant responses.
Tsunami, The Great Waves
IOC Tsunami Glossary

Safari’s Encounter With Floods
Safari's Encounter With Floods (French)

Flood Teachers Guide
Rivers of Life: Inquiry Project - Teachers Guide
Flood Games and Activities
Fema for Kids : Floods

What do you know about fire hazards?
K-12 Teacher Guide
Living with Fire Educational Game
Fema for Kids : Wildfires
Wildfire Workshops


Hurricane Links
Fema for Kids : Hurricanes
Teachers Guide
Hurricane Brochures
National Hurricane Center
Hurricanes Theme Page

Fema for Kids : Earthquakes

Teacher Guide: Lesson Plans
Earthquake! : Lessons and Activities
Web-and-Flow Teachers Guide
Earthquake Resources for Teachers and Schools
Teacher Resources
Middle East Teachers Guide

More sites for kids

Fema for Kids: Games
New Jersey Red Cross
Natural Disasters Links
More Disaster Links
Emergency Management Australia



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