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Please feel free to download and use any of these images files:

earthquake scene

Earthquake: scene

earthquake key fact

Earthquake: key fact

earthquake result

Earthquake: result

earthquake newspaper

Earthquake: newspaper

flood scene

Flood: scene

flood buying defences

Flood: buying defences

flood in progress

Flood: in progress

flood result

Flood: result

hurricane scene

Hurricane: scene

hurricane overview

Hurricane: overview

hurricane buying upgrades

Hurricane: buying upgrades

hurricane in progress

Hurricane: in progress

tsunami scene

Tsunami: scene

tsunami in progress

Tsunami: in progress

tsunami result

Tsunami: result

tsunami mission report

Tsunami: mission report

wildfire scene

Wildfire: scene

wildfire in progress

Wildfire: in progress

wildfire early warning

Wildfire: early warning

wildfire result

Wildfire: result


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